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Load stability equals safety

At TG Europe we have our very own state of art test facilities. This branch of our business is called Newton Europe and it's located right here in Odense.

With our wide range of testing equipment we can test almost any type of pallets.

We are experts in the standards of the EU requirements for road safety, and we know what it takes to secure your goods for safer roads.

Often by applying the film correctly you not alone secure the traffic safety, but you also mitigate the risk of damaged goods. You may even optimise your film consumption.


If you have the need for testing your goods, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Acceleration bench

Our acceleration bench simulates a full break situation in a truck with the G force this creates.

By using this method we can test how the goods and pallet is moving and whether it stays within the allowed values based on the packing method.


This is a recognised testing method and an excellent way of testing whether your goods are packed properly.


If you need your goods tested please contact us.

See our acceleration bench in action here


Tilt bench

With our tilt bench we can test according to ISTA. Our tilt bench is made to test bigger pallets that don't fit the acceleration bench.

With the right tilt and vibration, we simulation G forces so we test how the pallets react when being exposed to those circumstances.

This test is often used in the furniture segment and for bigger elements.


A 3D camera captures the movement of the pallet and based on the result we can check if the pallet meets the criteria of ISTA.


If you need your goods tested please contact us using the form or give us a call.


Newton Europe Academy

At our test lab in Denmark we facilitate a two day training course with education and lots of hands-on testing.


The academy is designed to get you fully equipped for the correct use of pallet wrapping in order to secure load stability, road safety and a lower film consumption.

Read more about Newton Europe Academy here

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