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Where smart solutions are conceived

Techpac Solutions is the part og TG Europe that works tirelessly to find solutions that can bring more value to our customers and businesses within stretch film.

In this section you can take a closer look at our products that can add more value to your business.


Mobile Test Center

Imagine having an on site test of your load stability. Techpac Solutions has invented a mobile test lab that can provide this service.

One of our flagships is our mobile test center. We have build in a accelerations bench to simulate real life scenarios that meets the criteria of EUMOS 40509 for testing. The truck is equipped with the acceleration bench, a high resolutions camera to captures the movement of the pallet during test and a screen to show the result of the test.


This mobile test center is pioneering in the way of working with load stability. Pallets can be tested directly from the production line and it´s only a few meter away for any new test that must be required.


So if you are looking for a solutions that take your service level to a whole new level, please contact us for more info.

See the mobile test center in action here



Do you want to be on top of your consumption and always make sure you are using your film optimally? Then Ipak5 is the solution for you.

Ipak5 is the eagle eye that monitors your consumption and at the same time makes sure your settings are correct for optimal utilization of your stretch film.


Ipak5 monitor, reports on your daily wrapping and it alerts you when there is deviations to the settings.


The device is suitable for most wrapping machines on the market from the semi-automatic to high speed machines - regardless of the brand.


It is easy to set up and once your are ready, all your data will be loaded to a cloud storage where you can get reports for controlling your film consumption.

With IPak5 you can get following informations:

  • Consumption of film pr. pallet

  • Prestretch level pr. Pallet

  • Time pr. Wrapped pallet

  • Completion of pallets

  • Aggregated reports

  • CO2 savings

Learn more about iPak5 or request a quotation now 


Mobile Meter Counter

We have created a mobile meter counter for hand rolls which allows you to measure the exact amount of meters on a roll without having to weight it.

With this device it has never been easier to count the meters on your hand rolls and checking for any deviations.

The suitcase is easy to handle and with a weight of only 18 kg it is easy to put it in the car for customer visits etc.

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