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The most durable stretch film

Nano stretch film is a thin film with a really good grip for load stability and with a great holding force.

Due to the nano technology, the puncture and tear resistance is at a very high level.

With a high stretch capabilities combined with a low gage, nano film will help reduce both cost per pallet and the amount of plastic used, leading to a more sustainable way of shipping your goods.


Nano Stretch Film

With new nano technology we come with the best sustainable solution the market has to offer. We offer th best stretch film in the market combined with high knowledge on wrapping machines.

Every day we help companies save up to 50% plastic and CO2. With our load stability test center, Newton Europe. We can make solutions without compromising on load stability. Whether you have heavy, light or cold cargo, we have Nano stretch films for the application.



Our Fixband for Orbital wrapper comes in our great nano quality.

We offer various widths and thicknesses

Our Fixband for Orbital wrappers comes in 12, 14  and 17 µ and is available in 125, 166 and 250 mm width.

Fixband is among others things used for wrapping aluminium  profiles, furnitures and doors etc.


With our nano quality, you will be able to reduce the amount of film used and at the same time have a very high tear resistance that protects your goods from being damage.

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